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About A. Wright Media, the full service bringing your ideas to life via social media campaigns and amazing designs.

Since 2014 I’ve worked and managed a range of brands across different social media platforms.

I’ve created successful strategic plans and content ideas, which have been featured across some of the biggest brands in the world! Through his content creation, Aaron has generated millions of views
spread out over several brands he has partnered with—the likes of Universal Music Group, Comedy 
Central UK, Sony Music UK, EOne Entertainment and Vevo.

In 2020, I embarked on becoming a UX/UI designer. Through the tutelage of the Circular group, I 
built up my skill set and began my career as a UX/UI designer.  Building up case studies from start to finish, Daily UI challenges and creating different concepts for established apps/websites solving existing UX issues.


Through my experience with social media, I’ve been able to identify similarities between social media strategy and UX/UI design. Skills such as social listening, strategy, (short, medium and long term) 
planning and the ability to collaborate are key skills that are transferable from my social media career to the world of UX. I see and understand the importance of social media marketing and UX design has on human emotion and interaction. It’s important to have content that resonates with the audience and inspires them to want to engage with the product.


My vast experience in Social Media, it has opened my eyes to how people engage with consumer products. My insights built through targeted ads, community management and strategy development has allowed me to look at UX from a consumer’s POV. I’ve seen the negative effect social media has on users 
and how users react to the negative actions of social media platforms, accounts and other users. 

A lot of social media platforms or accounts don’t react to the standard of their audience and continue to put their loyal users through a bad online experience. I’ve always looked at social media management as a tool to enhance the user’s experience and engagement with the brand. You can make the best-looking content, but if the user doesn’t trust the experience a brand delivers then it increases the likelihood of failure.

“He took his time to fully understand my business so he could design a site for my specific needs.”

Social Media Process


Bespoke Social Media Plan

A social media plan created for your channel based on your audience, goals, competitors and content.

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Audience Development

Focus on how to build your audience to 
continue to be champions of your brand and continue the growth of your channel.

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Guide you through the right decisions 
through proven and experienced social 
management skills. Expert guidance 
catered to your page to bring success 
to your channel and brand.

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Content Curation

Work with you to create ideas for your channel. Creating the right content to please your fans and grow your brand.

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UX/UI Design Process



Research into the product, audience,
competition, industry and what works
and doesn’t work

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Understand, rather than simply assume, 
what the problem is. It involves speaking to and spending time with people who are affected by the issues.

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The insight gathered from the empathise phase can help to define the challenge in a different way.

Designer _Isometric.png



Testing out different solutions at 
small-scale, rejecting those that 
will not work and improving the 
ones that will.

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Creating the product with the 
information gathered from the
research, testing and design.

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