5 Tips To Improve Your Facebook Business Page

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

There are a number of ways to get your Facebook page off to the right start. There are small changes you can make today to improve your Facebook channel the growth it requires. Here are 5 things you should do to your Facebook page today!

1- Invite Your Friends

Whether it be a brand new page or one already running, you should send out invites to your Facebook friends to like your business or social pages. Invite friends to like your page to help you connect with more people in their networks. The more people you connect with increases your chances to grow your Facebook page.

2- Content Creation

Short, visual posts for the right audience are most successful. Facebook favours short, shareable engagement content. You want to make content which your audience will want to share on to their own timeline for their Facebook friends to see. The more visual your content, the more likely users will share your content on their Facebook feeds. Content should be around photos and videos rather than written status’.

Engaging Content Which Your Audience Will Want To Share

3- Create Fan Groups

Help your audience connect in a group. Groups are separate and can be private spaces for people to engage, have open discussions in a safe space, share content and more. What are your interests? TV? Film? Job-seeking or freelancing? The options are endless, and as the page owner, you can interact with people in the group as your page or as yourself.

4 - Fan Engagement

Community management is something which is overlooked, especially during the early stages. Your audience is invested in your content, which is a reflection of you. Likes, comments, and even broad shout outs go a long way to increase your engagement.

5 - Homepage Layout

Remember this about business and brand development, and this may be the first place consumers interact with you and your brand. Consider the impression you want to make when choosing your Facebook banner, profile picture, and wall content. Be sure to use h high-quality photos and a pinned post which represents what's happening with your brand

You don't want a brand or a potential collaboration to fall apart because your channel doesn't look good. Put your best (digital) foot forward!

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