Peace Of Mind Wellness Therapy Website Revamp

I was commissioned by small business owner Michelle Reyes-Neil to revamp the website for her therapy website "Peace Of Mind Wellness Therapy".

Tools used: Figma and Wix

The client wanted to create a more professional but warmer website to communicate her services, therapy methods and importantly increase business via the website.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take screenshots of the before however, these were the identified issues:

-Clear signalling about the type of therapy available

-Easy and bookable options for customers

-Layout needed to be revamped and made to feel warmer

Home Page

New hero image added with the tag line about the website and a clear CTA to "find peace of mind". The menu has clear and straight forward options making it easier for the users to navigate to the page they need.

I added testimonials to the website from her previous clients to improve trust within her services. 28% of consumers say word of mouth is the most important factor in strengthening or eroding brand affinity. 64% of marketing executives indicated that they believe word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing. (via Invespcro).

The footer includes the email address and chatbot for consumers to get in contact with any questions.

About Page

The information which sat on the homepage I shifted to the about page. This was the finer details of the service, consumer information and more about Michelle as a therapist.

A clear list of what this service specialises in. I also selected emotive and supportive pictures to help ring home what the website represented.

The about page ends with a quick profile about Michelle and another CTA to let users contact her if they are interested in the services.


List of how the service operates with the CTA going to the contact page.

An included overview of what to expect from the sessions. As this is about mental health, it is important to include the process to reduce anxiety and any triggers for new clients.


A simple contact page with several ways of contact but at the same time in an organised fashion. Users can either email, call, use social media or leave a message via the website. This takes away the element that this is an automated system and that a real human will be in contact.


As there are 3 varied ways to access the service, I organised these on the website to allow users to order via the website. 3 options with clear information on the service, pricing, frequency and then with a CTA which takes the users to the payment.

You can view the live website here:


The website redesign enables the client to showcase her range of skills and offerings in one place. Including the information allows users to see what the services offer. Adding the booking facilities allows users to book the therapy services which suits them. The added "therapy" related images soften the website. Adding human faces means creating an emotional experience for your users, and therefore, engagement (Intechnic). Pictures of faces capture people’s attention and can be used to guide people's eyes and therefore their activity around a website (Eye-tracking studies).

These changes can enhance a person's experience and turn them into a client. A warmer layout has been created with a more functional user journey.

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