5 Ways To Get More Views On YouTube

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

There are a few simple changes you should consider making to your YouTube channel to get off to the right start. Making small changes to your channel can get you more views, grow engagement, and increase subscribers. Here are 5 tips you need to do to grow your YouTube channel today!

1- Tagging Your Videos

Tagging your videos before they go public is important. Keywords related to your channel, your previous public uploads, and the content of the current video will help YouTube place your content around viewers who like your content or similar content. Always check your analytics to see what terms are being searched to determine what keywords are best for your searchability. This can also help you figure out what content your intended audience is looking for, then adapt and create content around your findings.

Remember to be strategic, if your content is about creating music beats, using tags such as 'type beat' will increase the likelihood of consumers who are looking for beats to find your videos.

2- Thumbnails

With so much content on YouTube, the first thing most people see is the thumbnail. The right thumbnail (related to your content) can improve your video click-through rate, especially when a large percentage of YouTube videos are clicked on via the homepage or suggested videos.

You want your thumbnail to relate to your content, be clear and eye-catching. When creating a thumbnail ask yourself 'will this get someone's attention on a mobile?"

Clear Image For Thumbnails

3- Cards

They may not be the most effective feature, but using YouTube cards is a function which should be applied to keep users engaged with your content. Think about what's 1% of a million? 10,000. That's the number of views you could be missing out on by failing to add interactive cards to your videos. Optimising your videos with cards is an invitation for viewers to stay on your content. This could be the first video of yours a new user has never seen, don't let them leave without providing options for them to stay on your YouTube channel, visit your website, or subscribe to your channel.

4 - Fan Engagement

Community management is something which is often overlooked, especially at the early stages. Your audience is invested in your content which is a reflection of you. Likes, comments, and even a broad shout outs go a long way when showing appreciation to your audience.

5 - Homepage Layout

Remember this is a business and you're always on display. Meaning, your homepage and channel layout should appear to be high-quality and visually appealing. This is your chance to make a great first impression, you don't want a brand or a potential sponsorship or collaboration to fall apart because your channel doesn't look good. Always put your best (digital) foot forward!

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