Improving UX For Crypto Site

The Ethereum based coin struggled to be taken seriously by influencers due to their website not being deemed professional, modern, easy to navigate and aesthetically not on the level with their competitors.


Website Designer


Website Design


Invision, Wix


Project Overview

The client (Hachiko) needed their site to be redesigned so they could start working with influencers to promote their coin. They highlighted that the influencers thought their site wasn't professional and chose to not work with them. As Hachiko was new, they required influencer marketing to help increase the brand awareness which would then get users to buy into their coin. Similar tactics have been used by other coin developers, most notable is Elon Musk launching DogeCoin with his influence and attracting many buyers.

The issue the site had:
-Didn't function like the competition (Jakob's Law and Aesthetic-Usability Effect)
-No visually clear or appealing directions to allow users to purchase (Fitt's Law)
-A lack of CTA's (Fitt's Law)


When I looked at the competition they all shared similarities that Hachiko didn't have.
List of similarities:
-Clear and modern CTA
-Colourful and aesthetically pleasing
-Visually mapping to explain how to purchase
-Links to social pages

All sites had CTA's and instructions on how to purchase the coins.

Working on a tight timeline, the goal was to bring the current site closer to how its competition is positioned. Based on the competition, I worked on the wire-framing to start the design of the site.


Final Designs

After wire-framing and researching, I was in a position to start designing and turn around the design for the website.

List of changes:
-The UI was visually improved with clear CTAs, images and organised content to allow users to find what they need
-Providing options and validity for why and how users can purchase
-Applying conventions found on the other crypto sites to make sure users who buy from other sites can find it easy to purchase from Hachiko


The client was happy with the overall design was able to start branching out to work with influencers, create mediums for other platforms and create a community for their coin. They achieved the goal of being able to connect work with influencers. The redesign has helped them build their brand, open new social pages and promote their coin.